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Family Outreach

CNCAP received this letter from a Homeless Client:

In the past 4 years I have struggled in holding a job since being released from prison. It had been a real challenge to keep a place and pay rent. I have been through shelters in Grand Island, Hastings, York, Lincoln and several more including many all the way to the west coast, Tacoma WA and Portland Oregon. I have come to realize that shelter life is not a way of life and once stuck in there it is extremely hard to get out of. All in all, I have been through 20 or so shelters. To be honest, shelters are worse than prison; drugs, alcohol and violence seem to be a real factor in most. When I was staying in a shelter in Washington, a man was beaten to death outside the shelter. By the help of God, I celebrate 5 years of being healed, my sobriety and my obedience I take real serious because I have traveled and seen the broken world we live in.

I went into Community Action needing help and most people when they look at me judge my outward appearance and longer hair, but it wasn’t the case here. The staff were polite and their willingness to help me was amazing. Most people I have encountered treat people like me like a number. I had been staying in my car and looking a little rough, but I could tell she really cares and wants to help people. I looked and looked for apartments that I could possibly afford after I was off the program. I waited for one in particular that was $750 a month, in the last 3 years the cost of living has majorly increased. The lady from the leasing company said it was first come, first serve basis. I took the day off work but I also had to have an approval letter in hand and to my surprise the case manager went there personally to hand it to the lady. That impressed me, the punctuality and dedication for another person.

All in all, throughout my total time spent in Community Action, the staff were amazing. Whether they were having a bad day or a good day, the experience that they shared with me was a life changing experience and over all, it was, and is a huge blessing. We live in a fallen and broken society that judges the outward appearance of most people. Not here. I truly hope this letter touches the souls it needs to touch and also shines a light on your staff at Community Action for all the diligence and good work. Thank you for everything you do, did and are gonna do-A+- You truly touched my soul when I needed it!

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