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See what kind of impact Central Nebraska Community Action Partnership is making!

  • Sixpence provides essential support to families

    "This program has provided an outside of the home support system which is very much needed when raising children".


    "We love Sixpence. It gives our family the opportunity to have access to educational resources and a chance to connect with other families in the program". 



  • WIC 'ROCKS" in providing nutritional benefits for families

    "My kids are doing great because WIC has provided the food throughout the month that we would not have been able to afford. WIC continues to help my family grow mentally and physically, which we are very grateful for. #WICROCKS


    "My children are doing great because WIC has helped provide me with the essential needs for my growing babies when I couldn't".

  • Family sings praises about Head Start

    "I love everything about Head Start. My daughter has been enrolled for just 2 months but to see how much she has learned in those 2 months is so rewarding. To hear the songs she sings, practicing letter sounds, talking about the weather, and to see how she has grown socially; has made me so thankful for the great preschool we have in town". 


    "It’s amazing. I love the support and information I receive to help my child meet their educational goals".

  • Veteran is thankful for the help

    Supportive Services for Veteran Families:

    "Well it's quite simple....most Veterans that get into difficult circumstances just need a new start to get their lives moving forward, that's all. That was my situation and I'm thankful for this program. It's a good use of economic resources in helping, not just Veterans, but whole family communities are impacted in a progressive and positive way". 


    "I loved my caseworker. She was a lot of help. They really help get bills and financials on the right track".

  • WIC Peer Counselor helps comfort mothers

    "I loved my WIC Peer Counselor and wish I would've had one with my first child. She is very knowledgeable, would check in weekly and made me feel comfortable. I had success in meeting my goal of breastfeeding for almost 11 months with my 2nd child, thanks to my peer counselor".


    "Having a Peer Counselor helped me understand my baby and my own body, and with the information she'd send me I found ways to get the support I needed from my mom and husband. At first, it was awkward asking questions but having her help me overcome and understand was so nice. She made me feel human and made me feel like I had a friend. I was able to nurse my daughter for 8 months, which was great".

  • Families are grateful for Weatherization

    "Thank you so much. Your kindness is greatly appreciated; with these extreme low temperatures, I was very grateful. Thank you for everything you do for me. Thank you for being there. You have been so helpful and I know you all work very hard for the benefit of others".


    "Thank you so much for installing a new furnace in my home. There are not enough words to express how much that gesture has meant to my son and myself.The stress about not having to worry about such issues is indescribable. Again, I can't thank you Sharon and the staff at Central Nebraska Community Action Partnership enough for helping us".

  • Early Head Start gets real about parenting

    "Emotionally, it's helpful to have resources and people sharing real experiences about kids and how to understand and relate more to my kids".


    "We loved the resources and now we are doing it for the two of my boys".

  • THRIVES program helps change lives

    "This opportunity has changed my life in so many ways, but above all it has given me the stability to maintain my job, work on my recovery, while living in a safe and supportive community and environment (home)".


    "I simply consider this program a blessing; without it I would be worse off. I now have a home in a great place to stay safe of domestic violence".

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